Our Passion


MonoVilla Music Management is company dedicated  to create memorable events and unique music productions. Our passion is to communicate the essence of people and products though music generating auditive sensations.

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Our Story


It all began when MonoVilla, a business administrator specialized in finance identified the opportunity to organize the music business in Medellín. Every close person used to call him whenever they needed a musician for their events. After that, Mono and his closest friends began playing at social events of people they knew at that time. Later, on his early thirties he began reevaluating his life path and he quieted the finance world to start his own music business under a trusted, closed and organized model.

MonoVilla grew up surrounded by music since he was 5 years old. His uncle gave him a piano when he was a toddler, this woke up on him his creative and emotional thinking.

Today, MonoVilla Music Management is a company with more than 40 talented Colombian musicians playing throughout the country all year around.

If you want to experience a memorable event, contact us!